Autogate Singapore

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Who Are We

Autogate Singapore is powered by Protech Engineering & Services.

Our Mission

To Exceed Our Customers Expectations In Our Services.

What We Do

We Provide Autogate System Installation & Maintenance Services.

Our History

Autogate Singapore is powered by Protech Engineering And Services and was established during 1985 in Singapore. Our company provides professional services to customers and addresses to their needs for customized home systems. Various companies and individual clients are under our services and we are constantly upgrading to achieve better services in the long run. Having a wide clientele range that we supply our services, we have upgraded our technical knowledge and we are assured to be capable of solving a huge range of of technical problems. We specializes in the customised design fabrication of metal gates, customised autogate systems, repair of autogate systems, installation of autogate systems, service maintenance of autogate systems, not limited to other services such as networking, alarm security systems, inter-communication systems, air conditioning systems, home and office keyphones, ventilation systems & fish pond or pool filtration systems. Visit us on other sites Autogate.com.sg6protech.com.sg

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